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Dear Neighbor,


When I started my own education journey I was fortunate to have parents who wanted the best for me. They homeschooled my siblings and I because they wanted us to have the best education we possibly could to help us prepare for our futures.

I am running for Keller ISD Board of Trustees, Place 4 because I believe every child in our schools deserve access to a world class education that will allow them to reach their full potential. I understand that the foundation of the American Dream has and will continue to be a quality education. If our schools fall, the American Dream will soon follow.

I believe in the potential of ALL students. Right now our school district is facing a crisis. Our school board has lost its focus on ensuring a quality education for all students that will prepare them to achieve the American Dream in a rapidly growing competitive work environment.  From college to career technical education pathways, our students must have lifelong learning skill sets to compete in a complex global work environment.

I believe that my personal education journey as a former Keller ISD student and also being homeschooled provides me with a unique understanding of the challenges we face and the opportunities we have to ensure all our students graduate from our schools prepared for success.

Having my undergraduate degree in education, my law degree, and currently being a teacher at a local private school provides me with a unique understanding of the issues our students and families face in our schools. I believe my experiences and expertise are crucially needed right now on our school board. 

As your next Place 4 Trustee, I promise to bring the school board’s focus back to the educational needs of all our students– not dividing politics. I would be honored to have your vote in this election!




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Focus On Student Success

The success of our children is imperative to the American Dream. Our children’s future college and career successes are dependent on the strength of our core academic programs, such as math and reading. I will ensure ALL students achieve baseline levels of competency and have opportunities to go beyond that.

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Focus On Our Teachers

Teachers are the bedrock of our children’s success. As a former Keller ISD student, I loved the teachers I had at Florence Elementary School. As a teacher myself, I understand that we choose this profession because we love what we do. The ongoing political games played by our current school board will make it harder to recruit and maintain the amazing teachers we are fortunate to have. We must listen to our teachers and trust them to do the job they are passionate about. 

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Focus On Our Families

Family is always first for me. Growing up in Keller, I understand how amazing our community is. All our families, and the greater Keller ISD community, deserve to have schools that embrace them and support them. We also need to be open to how students and families utilize our schools today, including homeschooling families.

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Focus On Our Resources

Local property taxes continue to be the primary source of funding for our schools. As our property values continue to rise, even with recent tax cuts, property tax bills continue to go up. Keller ISD residents deserve to have a school board that will be responsible with our $427 million school budget, but will also advocate for a better school funding mechanism in Texas that moves the responsibility of funding our schools off home owners. If we do not address this issue, Keller ISD families will be less likely to return to Keller ISD neighborhoods. This means the money we spend to invest in Keller ISD will benefit other communities–- not the neighborhoods that make up Keller ISD.

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